3D Baller

Play an Exciting MS-DOS 3D Baller Game!

3D Baller is a thrilling ball-bouncing game developed for MS-DOS. Dive into a 3D world where skill and strategy lead to success.

Experience the excitement of navigating a ball in a dynamic 3D environment, a must-play for both classic DOS game enthusiasts and new players alike.

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Control your ball through challenging 3D landscapes, mastering each level with precision and flair.

Collect power-ups to enhance your ball’s abilities, adding an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay experience on DOS.

Overcome obstacles and evade traps to reach your goal, a thrilling challenge for players who enjoy DOS games online.

Progress through increasingly difficult levels, unlocking new and exciting challenges in this MS-DOS classic.

Compete with friends or on the global leaderboard, pushing your skills to the limit in 3D Baller.


3D Baller boasts engaging 3D graphics and realistic physics, bringing a new dimension to DOS gaming.

Choose from multiple ball types, each with unique traits, to suit your play style in this MS-DOS favorite.

Explore various level themes and designs, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting every time you play online or on DOS.

Enjoy exciting power-ups and bonus items that add depth to your gaming experience in 3D Baller.

Enter Frenzy mode for ultimate scores, challenging even the most experienced DOS gamers.

Earn achievements and rewards by completing specific objectives in this classic DOS game.

Level Design

Beginners can enjoy easy levels designed to introduce the basics of 3D Baller.

Intermediate levels offer a balanced challenge for those experienced with DOS gaming.

Advanced levels test the skills of seasoned ballers, requiring precision and strategy to conquer.

Discover hidden secrets and bonuses in each level, enhancing the joy of playing 3D Baller online or on MS-DOS.

Controls Online

Enjoy intuitive controls for smooth ball movement, essential for navigating the 3D worlds of this DOS game.

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Customize control settings to fit your personal preferences, enhancing your play experience in 3D Baller.

Full support for gamepad controllers offers an alternative way to play this MS-DOS classic.


Challenge friends in exciting online matches, showcasing your mastery of 3D Baller on DOS.

Compete in Time Attack mode for the highest score, a fast-paced challenge for DOS gaming enthusiasts.

Work together with friends in cooperative levels, a unique feature for those who play 3D Baller online.

3D Baller offers an engaging, challenging, and fun experience for fans of classic DOS games. Whether you play online or on MS-DOS, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Step into the world of 3D Baller and showcase your skills in this unique MS-DOS adventure

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