Strife: A Classic MS-DOS Adventure

Explore the background story of Strife, a groundbreaking blend of RPG and FPS elements.

Get an overview of the gameplay mechanics, ideal for players who enjoy the MS-DOS era games.

Dive into the setting and atmosphere of Strife, offering a rich narrative and immersive world.

Character Creation Online

Select your character class to start your adventure in Strife.

Customize your character’s appearance and attributes to suit your play style.

Choose your starting equipment and skills, crucial for early progression in the game.

Strife in your web-browser onlineRetro game online Strife

Join the resistance movement to overthrow the tyrannical regime in Strife.

Investigate the mysterious plague and uncover its origins.

Unravel the secrets of “The Order” and prepare for a showdown with the main antagonist.

Game Play Quests and Exploration

Help the townsfolk with their problems, earning their trust and valuable rewards.

Explore hidden areas in Strife’s world, collecting rare items and discovering secrets.

Join different factions and complete their unique quests to influence the game’s outcome.

Master different weapon types, each with its unique playstyle.

Learn combat skills and magic abilities to enhance your fighting capabilities.

Adopt stealth and tactical approaches to overcome challenging obstacles and enemies.

Engage in epic boss battles, testing your skills and strategies.

Role-Playing Elements and Character Progression

Gain experience, level up, and allocate skill points to develop your character in Strife.

Equip powerful artifacts to enhance your abilities and gameplay experience.

Make moral choices that influence the storyline and your journey in the game.

Strife old game onlineClassic game online Strife

Final thoughts on Strife, highlighting its significance in the MS-DOS game library.

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