B.A.T. II game MS-DOS – The Futuristic Adventure Awaits

Embark on a thrilling science fiction adventure with B.A.T. II, a classic MS-DOS game that transports players to a futuristic universe. As an agent of the Bureau of Astral Troubleshooters (B.A.T.), you’ll dive into a mission to save the universe from a menacing conspiracy.

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Gameplay overview of B.A.T. II online

Explore diverse locations and interact with intriguing NPCs through intuitive point-and-click controls. B.A.T. II challenges players with strategic decision-making that influences the game’s outcome. Prepare for turn-based combat, utilizing a vast array of weapons and abilities against formidable enemies.


Unravel a complex conspiracy threatening universal stability in B.A.T. II. Your choices lead to branching paths and multiple endings, ensuring no two playthroughs are the same. Engage with powerful entities and navigate through secret organizations to unveil the truth.


From alien planets to futuristic cities, B.A.T. II offers a plethora of visually stunning environments. Solve intricate puzzles and overcome obstacles in your journey across the universe.


Meet a cast of compelling characters, each with their unique storylines and quests. Forge alliances or face betrayals as you interact with NPCs, shaping your adventure in B.A.T. II.

Combat and Skills

Master the art of turn-based combat with an extensive selection of weapons and abilities. Upgrade your skills and gear to tackle increasingly challenging adversaries and emerge victorious.

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B.A.T. II invites players to experience a gripping science fiction tale. As a B.A.T. agent, you’ll navigate through a universe filled with danger, intrigue, and action. Are you ready to save the universe? Play B.A.T. II on MS-DOS, dive into online forums, and join a community of fans eager to explore the futuristic world of B.A.T. II.

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