Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters II: A Classic MS-DOS Adventure

Dive into the world of supernatural busting with Ghostbusters II, a captivating game released for MS-DOS. This section offers an in-depth look at the game’s mechanics, storyline, and features, designed to guide both new players and seasoned fans.

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Ghostbusters II invites players to join the iconic Ghostbusters team in an action-packed adventure. Developed in the early 90s, this game combines engaging gameplay mechanics with the beloved universe of the Ghostbusters film series.

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Set in New York City, Ghostbusters II follows the team as they tackle new supernatural threats. The game’s plot mirrors the film’s storyline, offering players a chance to experience key moments and battles against villainous ghosts.


Players can control all members of the Ghostbusters team, each equipped with unique abilities. The game also introduces new antagonists and supernatural beings, providing fresh challenges and encounters.


The gameplay of Ghostbusters II features a mix of action and puzzle-solving elements. Players can use various ghostbusting tools and strategies to capture ghosts, navigate through levels, and solve environmental puzzles.

Levels and Environments

Explore diverse environments, from city streets to haunted buildings. Each level presents unique challenges and boss fights, demanding quick thinking and strategic use of ghostbusting equipment.

Ghosts and Supernatural Beings

The game showcases a variety of ghosts, each with specific behaviors and weaknesses. Learning and exploiting these weaknesses are key to successfully capturing ghosts and progressing through the game.

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Power-Ups and Upgrades

Power-ups and upgrades are available to enhance the Ghostbusters’ capabilities. From weapon enhancements to new ghostbusting gear, players can tailor their approach to each challenge.

Game Ghostbusters II MS-DOS stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Ghostbusters franchise. Whether you’re revisiting this classic or experiencing it for the first time, the game offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of supernatural adventure.

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