The Clue!

Solve the Mystery: The Clue! for game MS-DOS

Embark on a thrilling detective journey in The Clue!, a classic ms-dos game. Use your wits to solve puzzles, collect clues, and unravel the mystery that lies within.

The Clue! in your web-browser onlineThe Clue! retro game online

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Mansion

Explore the eerie corridors of an abandoned mansion filled with secrets. Search for hidden objects, interact with the environment, and interview characters who hold the key to solving the mystery.

Chapter 2: The Enigmatic Letter

A cryptic letter arrives, leading you to discover a hidden message. Decode the letter to uncover a vital clue and delve into its origins and meaning, pushing you deeper into the investigation.

Chapter 3: The Strange Incidents

Investigate a series of bizarre incidents plaguing the town. Connect the dots between seemingly unrelated events to discover a sinister pattern emerging from the shadows.

Chapter 4: The Twist in the Tale

Just when you think you’re close to solving the mystery, a shocking twist challenges everything. Re-evaluate your clues and suspects, and prepare for a race against time to solve the case.

Chapter 5: The Final Showdown

Face off against the mastermind in a gripping showdown. Utilize your detective skills to outsmart the culprit and bring justice to the victims. Can you solve The Clue! and reveal the truth?

The Clue! play online dosThe Clue! game offline ms-dos

The Clue! offers a captivating and challenging detective experience, wrapped in the retro charm of ms-dos gaming.

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