Airstrike USA

Play Airstrike USA Online on MS-DOS

Airstrike USA, a classic flight combat game that brings the thrill of aerial combat to MS-DOS. Immerse yourself in intense dogfights and strategic missions, whether you play online or on DOS.

Game Overview

Choose from a range of fighter aircraft and engage in fast-paced dogfights. Complete challenging missions, upgrade your weapons, and explore diverse environments. Airstrike USA offers a dynamic combat experience for players on DOS and online platforms.


Step into the role of a United States Air Force pilot. Protect your country from enemy forces and unravel a plot that threatens national security. Experience a gripping storyline as you play Airstrike USA on MS-DOS.

Play online dos Airstrike USAAirstrike USA game offline ms-dos

Gameplay Mechanics

Enjoy intuitive controls for seamless aerial maneuvers. Utilize an arsenal of weapons, perform evasive actions, and coordinate with allies. Destroy enemy bases to cripple their operations, a key aspect of gameplay whether played online or on DOS.

Embark on a variety of missions including escorting convoys, conducting reconnaissance, and engaging in epic boss battles. Each mission requires skill and strategy, perfect for players who enjoy MS-DOS games.

Earn experience points to level up your pilot skills. Unlock new aircraft, upgrade your armament, and customize your plane’s appearance. Progression in Airstrike USA is rewarding for both DOS and online players.


Fly across diverse landscapes from urban cities to dense jungles. Navigate through challenging terrains and face dynamic weather conditions that impact gameplay. Airstrike USA brings varied environments to life on MS-DOS.

Airstrike USA - The Game play in browserPlay online ms-dos Airstrike USA

Compete in thrilling dogfights against other players, or team up to defeat enemy squadrons. Climb the leaderboards in tournaments, showcasing your skills in this classic DOS game.

Immerse yourself in the intense world of Airstrike USA. Master the skies and become a top ace in this MS-DOS flight combat game. Play “Airstrike USA” online or on DOS for an unforgettable aerial adventure.

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