Antarctic Adventure

Antarctic Adventure: A Strategic MS-DOS Game

Embark on a thrilling journey with Antarctic Adventure, a classic arcade game for MS-DOS. Play as the adventurous penguin exploring the icy terrains of Antarctica. Experience unique gameplay mechanics and exciting challenges, available to play online and on DOS.

Storyline Online

Set in the frigid landscape of Antarctica, players guide a brave penguin through perilous adventures. Overcome various obstacles and challenges in a quest to find hidden treasures.

Maneuver through icy landscapes using intuitive controls. Navigate different levels with distinct objectives and challenges, offering a dynamic gameplay experience on MS-DOS and online.

Antarctic Adventure old game onlineAntarctic Adventure retro game online


Traverse through diverse Antarctic landscapes, each with its own set of hazards and adversaries. Discover landmarks and points of interest in this captivating DOS game.


Master the intuitive controls for a smooth gameplay experience. Use arrow keys for movement and special buttons for actions. Customize controls to your preference, whether playing on DOS or online.

Choose from several game modes including Story, Exploration, Time Trial, and Multiplayer. Each mode offers a unique challenge, perfect for MS-DOS and online play.

Antarctic Adventure play online ms-dosAntarctic Adventure play in web-browser

Rediscover the charm of Antarctic Adventure, a game that combines exploration, strategy, and fun. Start your Antarctic journey and enjoy this classic game on MS-DOS and online.

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