Arachnophobia: Play the Epic MS-DOS Adventure Online

Get ready to face your fears in “Arachnophobia,” a spine-tingling survival game set in a town overrun by spiders. Available to play on MS-DOS and online, this game challenges players to survive against all odds.


Dive into a gripping narrative where you unravel the mystery behind the spider infestation. Explore the town’s backstory and take on a critical role in the survival saga, both on MS-DOS and online.

Arachnophobia play online dosArachnophobia game offline ms-dos

Gameplay Mechanics

Navigate through a spider-infested environment using intuitive controls. Utilize tools like torches and bug spray to fend off spiders. Interact with the environment for survival, perfect for DOS and online gameplay.

Levels and Progression

Progress through various levels, each presenting unique challenges and puzzles. Experience escalating difficulty as you delve deeper into the game, playable on DOS and online.

Game Modes

Choose from different game modes, including story mode and survival mode. Each mode offers distinct objectives and challenges, ensuring a diverse gaming experience on MS-DOS and online.

Arachnophobia classic gameArachnophobia play in browser

Experience the thrill of survival in “Arachnophobia,” a game that combines fear, strategy, and action. Challenge yourself against the arachnid onslaught, available to play on MS-DOS and online.

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