Arcticfox: Play the Epic MS-DOS Adventure Online

Arcticfox is a classic retro game developed for MS-DOS in 1986 by Dynamix. The game takes place in a futuristic Arctic battlezone, where players pilot a M-551 Arcticfox tank to complete various missions.

Gameplay Mechanics

Command the futuristic M-551 Arcticfox tank in a first-person perspective. Master an array of weapons, monitor health and shield levels on the HUD, and experience realistic physics and terrain interaction. Refuel and repair at friendly bases to stay battle-ready. Adapt your tactics with various weapons for diverse enemies and situations.

Arcticfox play online dosArcticfox game offline ms-dos

Mission Structure Online

Tackle a series of progressively challenging missions across snowy plains and ice caves. Achieve objectives like enemy demolition, rescues, or convoy escorts. Enhance your skills with graded missions, unlock new challenges, and earn rewards. Customize your gameplay with a mission editor for endless adventures.

Enemy AI and Challenges

Face diverse enemy units, each presenting unique challenges. Outmaneuver tanks, dodge helicopter strikes, and strategically take down missile launchers. Experience an adaptive AI that evolves with your progress, offering a balanced challenge for all skill levels.

Arcticfox classic game onlineArcticfox play in browser

Embark on an epic journey with Arcticfox, a blend of strategy and action set in a captivating Arctic battlefield. Whether you’re a fan of retro MS-DOS games or new to tank simulators, Arcticfox promises an engaging, replayable experience. Dive into this classic and reign supreme in the Arctic!

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