Assault Trooper

Gameplay – Assault Trooper MS-DOS

Get ready to play Assault Trooper, a captivating game developed for MS-DOS. This game combines classic MS-DOS gaming with the option to play online, offering both retro and modern gaming experiences. It’s a perfect blend for fans of DOS gaming who are also looking for online adventures.


In Assault Trooper, play through a storyline that takes you from the downfall of an empire to its triumphant rebuild. Experience the MS-DOS era gameplay while engaging with an online community, exploring both solo and multiplayer modes.

Assault Trooper play online dosAssault game offline ms-dos


Players will enjoy classic MS-DOS gameplay mechanics while having the opportunity to connect online for cooperative missions. The game offers a mix of strategy and action, making it a must-play for fans of DOS games and online multiplayer adventures.

  • Meet the main character with a rich backstory.
  • Form alliances with allies, companions, and faction leaders.
  • Interact with merchants, traders, and face off against enemies and monsters.

Assault Trooper retro game onlineAssault Trooper  play in web-browser

Game Mechanics

Assault Trooper offers traditional MS-DOS controls, enhanced with modern features for online play. Engage in combat, manage resources, and make decisions that impact your online and in-game status.

Game World

Explore a vast world that pays homage to MS-DOS graphics while offering online interactions with other players. This unique combination brings together the best of DOS gaming and online collaboration.

Whether you’re a fan of MS-DOS games or looking for an online adventure, “Assault Trooper” it combines the nostalgia of DOS gaming with the excitement of online multiplayer, offering a unique experience for all players.

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