Bad Street Brawler

Bad Street Brawler: A Classic MS-DOS Beat ‘Em Up Experience

Step into the gritty urban world of Bad Street Brawler, a classic beat ’em up game released for MS-DOS. Join Duke, the game’s protagonist, as he takes on the gang-infested streets with his unique fighting style.

Bad Street Brawler Online Gameplay Review

Bad Street Brawler players enjoy a robust control system, allowing Duke to punch, kick, and unleash a variety of special moves. Learn the art of street fighting with mechanics designed for strategic combat, including power-up items that enhance Duke’s abilities.

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Engage in the epic Story Mode, where you navigate through levels with increasing difficulty, each populated with unique enemies. For those looking to test their skills against friends, Versus Mode offers competitive play, and Survival Mode challenges you to withstand endless enemy waves.


Meet Duke, the fearless ex-wrestler turned street fighter. Opponents range from petty thugs to skilled martial artists, each presenting their own challenges. Discover unlockable characters and confront formidable bosses hidden within the game.


Battle through diverse urban landscapes, from back alleys to bustling streets. Each environment is filled with obstacles and interactive elements, adding depth to Duke’s quest to clean up the city.

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Bad Street Brawler remains a beloved MS-DOS title, known for its engaging gameplay and unique character. Whether you’re a fan of retro games or discovering it for the first time, Bad Street Brawler offers hours of entertainment. Embrace the challenge and prove your prowess on the streets!

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