Big Top

Step into the Big Top – A Circus Adventure Awaits on MS-DOS

Step right up and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Big Top, an MS-DOS game that brings the magic of the circus to your screen. Play Big Top online and experience the thrill of circus life!

Gameplay review of the game Big Top online

Explore the vibrant and colorful circus arena, interact with unique characters, and engage with exotic animals. Big Top challenges you with a variety of circus acts, testing your skills and dazzling the audience.

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Character Creation – Create your own circus performer, choosing from an array of costumes and accessories. Customize your character’s abilities to become the most talented performer under the Big Top.

Gain the trust of the Ringmaster by completing circus acts with flair and creativity. Impress the audience and unlock new opportunities within the circus troupe.

Animal Training – Master the art of animal training, from majestic tigers to gentle elephants, and showcase your skills in the ring.

Acrobatic Act – Learn and perform stunning acrobatic stunts, competing for the spotlight in a breathtaking display of agility and grace.

Clown School – Bring joy and laughter to the circus audience by mastering classic comedy routines at the clown school.

Circus Events in Big Top

Circus Parade – Lead a vibrant parade through the town, earning points for creativity and captivating the crowd with your performer’s skills.

Circus Showdown – Compete in a talent competition against other circuses, aiming to win awards and recognition for your extraordinary acts.

High Wire Challenge – Test your balance on the high wire, performing daring jumps and tricks to wow the audience and earn extra points.

Cannonball Catch – Catch acrobats shot from a cannon, timing your catches to perfection and unlocking rewards for your precision.

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As you progress, level up your performer to unlock new costumes, circus acts, and hidden secrets throughout the game.

Become a circus legend in Big Top, creating a legacy of thrill and wonder. Play Big Top on MS-DOS and embark on an unforgettable adventure, capturing the hearts of circus audiences worldwide.

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