Animal Hotel

Play Animal Hotel on MS-DOS

Enter the charming world of Animal Hotel, a delightful pet simulation game released for MS-DOS. Meet adorable animals and embark on a fun-filled adventure. Available to play online, this DOS game offers endless enjoyment for animal lovers.

Daily Care Activities

Engage in daily care activities like feeding, grooming, and playing. Ensure the happiness and well-being of your pets in this MS-DOS game, playable online.

Teach your pet new tricks and commands. Participate in competitions to showcase their skills, adding excitement to your MS-DOS experience.

Animal Hotel old game onlineAnimal Hotel retro game online

Exciting Challenges Online

Take part in thrilling challenges and obstacle courses. Test your pet’s abilities and unlock new levels, offering a dynamic experience on DOS and online.

Special Events and Holidays

Celebrate special occasions with festive events and themed competitions. Dress up your pets and win exciting prizes, a unique feature of this DOS game.

Connect with friends in multiplayer mode. Trade items, share achievements, and enjoy collaborative challenges, making Animal Hotel a hit on MS-DOS and online platforms.

Endgame and Rewards

Achieve your goals and become the ultimate pet hotel owner. Unlock rare pets and receive trophies for your accomplishments, adding depth to the gameplay on DOS.

Animal Hotel play online ms-dosAnimal Hotel retro game

Thank you for playing Animal Hotel. Continue exploring the wonderful world of pets and look forward to future updates and new additions to this beloved MS-DOS game.

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