Arithmetic Games Set 1

Arithmetic Games Set 1: Play the Epic MS-DOS Adventure Online

Welcome to Arithmetic Games Set 1, a comprehensive set of math challenges designed for MS-DOS. Ideal for math enthusiasts and learners, this game is your gateway to mastering arithmetic in a fun and interactive way. Play online or on your DOS machine and challenge your math skills!

Arithmetic Games Set 1 play online dosArithmetic Games Set 1 game offline ms-dos

Game Modes online

Addition Race

Test your speed in solving addition problems. Score points for quick and correct answers. Adjust the difficulty level for a customized challenge.

Subtraction Challenge

Sharpen your subtraction skills against the clock. Each correct answer boosts your score. Perfect for honing quick calculation abilities.

Multiplication Master

Become a multiplication expert. Fast and accurate answers are key to achieving high scores. Challenge yourself with varying difficulty levels.

Division Duel

Compete in division challenges. Face off in head-to-head battles to prove your prowess in solving division problems quickly and correctly.

Random Blend

Experience a mix of all arithmetic operations. Solve a variety of problems under time pressure to test your overall math skills.

Progress Tracking

Monitor your performance over time. Track your speed, accuracy, and overall progress in mastering arithmetic.

Arithmetic Games Set 1 play in web-browserArithmetic Games Set 1 in your browser online

Customize your learning experience with selectable difficulty levels. Start easy and gradually challenge yourself with more complex problems.

Arithmetic Games Set 1 offers a diverse range of math challenges suitable for all ages. Whether you’re looking to improve your math skills or simply enjoy arithmetic puzzles, this MS-DOS game is perfect for you. Play, learn, and excel in arithmetic today!

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