La Bosse des Maths 6ème

Master Math with La Bosse des Maths 6ème on MS-DOS

Dive into the fascinating world of mathematics with La Bosse des Maths 6ème, an educational game developed for MS-DOS. Designed to enhance your math skills through engaging gameplay, this game covers a wide range of topics tailored for students in the 6th grade.

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Master the basics of arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as understanding the order of operations to solve complex problems correctly.

Explore the mysteries of numbers with lessons on prime numbers, factors and multiples, and delve into prime factorization techniques to break down numbers to their basic components.

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Fractions and Decimals

Understand fractions and decimals through interactive lessons. Learn about equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and converting fractions to decimals.


Embark on a geometric journey to discover shapes and their properties. Calculate perimeter and area, and study the concept of symmetry in different figures.

Measurements and Conversions

Grasp the essentials of measurements and conversions, including units of length, mass, and volume, and practice converting between different units.

Algebraic Expressions

Uncover the basics of algebra by learning about variables and constants, evaluating and simplifying expressions, and solving equations and inequalities.

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Congratulations on completing La Bosse des Maths 6ème! Continue to explore and improve your math skills, and thank you for playing this MS-DOS classic.

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