Budokan: A Martial Arts Adventure for MS-DOS

Welcome to the world of Budokan, an immersive martial arts game developed for MS-DOS. Delve into the depths of martial arts and train to become a master fighter, experiencing the thrill of mastering various disciplines.

Review of Budokan online gameplay

Step into the dojo of Budokan and prepare to test your martial arts skills. Train in four distinct disciplines: Karate, Kendo, Nunchaku, and Bo, and face off against challenging opponents in intense combat scenarios.

Budokan game offline ms-dosBudokan play online dos

Budokan offers immersive gameplay with realistic martial arts techniques and movements, detailed graphics and animations, and a variety of gameplay modes including training, tournaments, and survival challenges.

Training Mode

Master the basics of each discipline through dedicated training sessions. Learn different techniques, moves, and combinations to improve your skills with guidance from experienced instructors.

Tournament Mode

Participate in tournaments across all four disciplines to prove your worth. Face skilled opponents in one-on-one battles and claim the title of the ultimate Budokan warrior.

Survival Mode

Test your endurance and skill in the ultimate challenge. Endure wave after wave of opponents and see how long you can survive.

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Get familiar with the controls and gameplay mechanics. Learn different techniques and strategies to defeat your opponents.

Purchase your copy of Budokan for MS-DOS and start your journey to become a legendary fighter. Play online or offline and experience the thrill of martial arts like never before.

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