Boston Bomb Club

Boston Bomb Club: A Classic MS-DOS Puzzle Adventure

Immerse yourself in the early 20th century Boston setting of Boston Bomb Club, a captivating turn-based puzzle game that originally thrilled players on MS-DOS. Navigate through challenging puzzles as detective John Lockley, tasked with defusing bombs and capturing a criminal mastermind.

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Boston Bomb Club Gameplay Review Online

Meet John Lockley, the seasoned detective with a knack for explosives. Alongside Lockley’s partner, players will delve into the underworld of Boston, facing off against a notorious criminal. Their expertise and cunning are the city’s last hope against this explosive threat.

A series of strategically placed bombs threatens early 20th century Boston. As Lockley, players must investigate different locations across the city, each level a new puzzle that brings them closer to the mastermind behind the chaos.

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Each level of Boston Bomb Club is a grid-based puzzle where strategy is key. Navigate through obstacles and disarm bombs using a variety of tools and gadgets at your disposal. With each turn, the tension rises, demanding careful planning and sharp wit.

Boston Bomb Club is a must-play for puzzle enthusiasts and fans of classic MS-DOS games alike. Dive into the thrilling, bomb-defusing adventures of detective John Lockley and save Boston from the brink of chaos.

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