Carnage – ultimate Top-Down Racer s for MS-DOS!

Welcome to the world of Carnage, a thrilling racing game that challenges you to navigate through eighteen demanding tracks. With a bird’s-eye view, get ready to immerse yourself in intense competition and strategic vehicle upgrades.

Carnage Online Gameplay Review

Embark on a journey through a series of challenging courses, each unlocking only after conquering the previous one. Victory brings a reward of $800 USD, which players must wisely invest in car enhancements, fuel, and tire changes. Choose carefully from an extensive array of upgrades, as budget constraints make it impossible to purchase everything on offer.

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Despite the miniaturized and flat appearances due to the top-down perspective, every in-game object is meticulously detailed, offering a visually appealing experience reminiscent of the early GTA series. Enjoy the carefully crafted game world, where each track brings its own unique challenges and aesthetics.

With your winnings, navigate to the in-game store to enhance your vehicle’s performance. From engine upgrades to advanced tire technology, make critical decisions to ensure your car stands out on the track. Remember, managing your resources for fuel and maintenance is key to securing your position at the finish line.

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Carnage may not break new ground in the racing genre, but its challenging tracks, strategic upgrade system, and competitive multiplayer mode ensure a captivating experience for racing aficionados. Gear up, strategize, and race your way to victory!

Are you ready to take on the ultimate racing challenge? Carnage and dominate the tracks games for MS-DOS!

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