F1: Classic Racing on MS-DOS

F1 is a classic racing game that catapults players back to the golden era of Formula 1 racing, specifically designed for MS-DOS systems. It immerses players in gripping racing action, combining immersive graphics, realistic physics, and captivating gameplay for both sports fans and retro gaming enthusiasts eager to re-experience or discover Formula 1’s thrilling dynamics.

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Engage in Championship Mode to conquer a full season, set new records in Time Trial Mode, or compete against friends in Multiplayer Mode via serial or modem connections, enhancing the competitive thrill of racing.

Realistic Features

Race on handcrafted replicas of iconic circuits like Monza and Monaco, adapt to a dynamic weather system affecting race conditions, and manage your car’s damage to maintain peak performance.

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F1 for MS-DOS is a tribute to the exhilarating world of Formula 1 racing, offering a rich blend of authentic gameplay, realistic features, and extensive customization. Whether you’re aiming for the championship, setting lap records, or racing against friends, F1 promises a compelling and endlessly enjoyable experience for all fans of the sport.

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