Moonshine Racers

Moonshine Racers: Reviving the Classic DOS Game

Dive into the remastered world of Moonshine Racers, a thrilling game that takes you back to the 1990s, the golden era of 2D graphics and MS-DOS gaming. Experience the nostalgia with enhanced graphics and gameplay mechanics.

Storyline Online

Set in the prohibition era, you play as a moonshine runner, delivering illegal alcohol while evading law enforcement. Encounter diverse characters and rival runners in this adventurous journey.

Retro game online Moonshine RacersMoonshine Racers play in web-browser

Story Mode

Follow a captivating narrative through various levels and locations. Each mission unfolds a new chapter in the moonshine trade.

Time Trial Mode

Set record-breaking times and climb up the global leaderboard in this high-speed challenge.

Multiplayer Mode

Race against friends or team up to outsmart the law. Customize your vehicles and use power-ups to your advantage.

Came Play Vehicles

Choose from an array of classic 1920s cars, each offering unique abilities. Upgrade and customize your vehicle for the ultimate racing experience.

Dynamic Weather System

Adapt to changing weather conditions, each affecting the gameplay differently.

Law Enforcement

Outrun police chases and evade traps to protect your cargo and reputation.


Utilize power-ups like speed boosts and smoke screens to outmaneuver your rivals.

Moonshine Racers old gamePlay online ms-dos Moonshine Racers

Get ready for an action-packed ride with Moonshine Racers. Experience the rush of classic DOS gaming with a modern twist. It’s time to find out who the ultimate moonshine runner is!

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