Network Q RAC Rally Championship

Network Q RAC Rally Championship – Ultimate Rally Racing on MS-DOS

Experience the thrill and intensity of rally racing in the Network Q RAC Rally Championship, a classic game on MS-DOS.

Gameplay Features Online

Dive into realistic rally racing with advanced mechanics and physics. Tackle varied weather conditions and challenging terrains. Choose from a range of authentic rally cars from different eras and compete in a competitive multiplayer mode against friends online.

Play online dos Network Q RAC Rally ChampionshipGame offline ms-dos Network Q RAC Rally Championship

Mode Options

  • Single-player mode: Test your rally skills in a challenging solo campaign.
  • Time Trial mode: Aim for the fastest lap times and set new records.
  • Championship mode: Participate in the prestigious Network Q RAC Rally Championship.

Available Cars

Choose from a variety of classic rally cars like the Ford Escort Mk2, Lancia Stratos, Mini Cooper, as well as modern rally cars including the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer, and Ford Focus.

Scenic Locations

Race through stunning rally stages set in diverse locations, from forest tracks to mountainous terrains and challenging circuits.

Weather Effects

Prepare to face dynamic and unpredictable weather conditions. Rain, fog, and snow will affect visibility and car handling, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Car Upgrades and Customization

Enhance your car’s performance and handling with various upgrades. Customize your car’s appearance with different liveries and color schemes.

Network Q RAC Rally Championship retro game onlineNetwork Q RAC Rally Championship in your web-browser online

Immerse yourself in the game with realistic rally racing sounds, engine noises, and an authentic cockpit view.

Enjoy easy-to-use controls for beginners, and advanced controls for experienced players seeking a more challenging experience.

Network Q RAC Rally Championship offers an unmatched rally racing experience. Whether you’re racing solo, competing for the fastest time, or challenging friends online, this game will put your driving skills to the test. Play now and conquer the world of rally racing on MS- DOS!

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