Nitro Racers

Nitro Racers – Ultimate Racing on MS-DOS

Prepare for high-octane racing action with “Nitro Racers,” the ultimate racing game on MS-DOS. Experience the thrill of speed and competition right on your DOS system.

Game Overview Online

Choose your favorite racer, select from a variety of tracks, and customize your vehicle for a unique racing experience. Gear up and get ready to dominate the tracks!

Game offline ms-dos Nitro RacersClassic game online Nitro Racers


Master the controls to expertly maneuver your vehicle through tight turns and long straights. Learn how to drift and utilize nitro boosts for maximum speed. Use different power-ups to outsmart your opponents.

Game Modes

Single Player Mode: Tackle various racing challenges and beat AI opponents to unlock new tracks and vehicles.
Multiplayer Mode: Race against friends in local or online multiplayer matches. Compete for the fastest lap times and ultimate bragging rights.


Discover a range of unique and challenging tracks. Each one offers a different racing experience with its own set of obstacles and shortcuts.


Choose from a selection of high-performance vehicles. Customize and upgrade your car’s stats to suit your racing style. Win races to unlock new, faster vehicles.


Collect and use various power-ups during races to gain an edge over competitors. Strategically use speed boosts, shields, and more to outpace opponents.


Climb the global leaderboard and show off your racing prowess. Compare your lap times with players from around the world and earn your place as a top racer in Nitro Racers.

Nitro Racers retro game onlineNitro Racers in your web-browser online

Nitro Racers offers an exhilarating racing experience, blending speed, strategy, and competition. Rev up your engines and get ready to become the ultimate champion on MS-DOS!

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