Pitstop II

Welcome to Pitstop II – The Thrilling MS-DOS Racing Game

Experience the rush of professional racing with Pitstop II, a classic game that brought realistic graphics and exciting gameplay to MS-DOS. Enjoy immersive sound effects, responsive controls, and the thrill of competitive racing.

Online Game Modes

Single-player Mode

Race against AI opponents across various tracks and difficulty levels. Customize and upgrade your race car to gain a competitive edge, enhancing the MS-DOS play experience.

Multiplayer Mode

Challenge friends or family in split-screen or LAN multiplayer races. Strategize pit stops, outmaneuver opponents, and compete for victory, bringing the excitement of MS-DOS racing to life.

Pitstop II in your web-browser onlineOnline game Pitstop II

Race Tracks

Master the diverse selection of tracks each with unique challenges. Learn track layouts and perfect your racing lines to outpace opponents on MS-DOS.

Pit Stops and Car Upgrades

Make strategic pit stops and upgrade your car’s components for enhanced performance. Master the timing of pit stops to maintain your lead in the race.

Pitstop II boasts impressive MS-DOS era visuals, detailed car models, and vibrant environments. Enjoy the immersive sound effects of screeching tires and roaring engines.

Pitstop II play online ms-dosClassic game online Pitstop II

Pitstop II offers an engaging and thrilling racing experience for MS-DOS gamers. Whether playing solo or with friends, it provides hours of entertainment and competitive gameplay.

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