Play Academy Tau Ceti 2 Online on MS-DOS

Embark on a space adventure with Academy Tau Ceti 2, a classic game developed for MS-DOS. As the game’s protagonist, navigate through a compelling storyline set in a distant star system. The objective? Master space navigation and combat to protect your civilization. Play this DOS game online for an engaging space experience.

Training Missions

Begin your journey with a series of training missions. Learn to pilot your spaceship, operate advanced weapon systems, and engage in strategic combat. These tutorials are essential for mastering resource management and decision-making, crucial skills whether you play on DOS or online.

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Mission Campaigns

The game’s narrative unfolds through various mission campaigns, each presenting unique challenges and objectives. Your decisions shape the outcome, offering multiple paths and endings. Immerse yourself in these campaigns when playing Academy Tau Ceti 2 online or on MS-DOS.

Crew Management

Recruit and manage a skilled crew for your interstellar missions. Each crew member brings unique abilities, contributing to the success of your endeavors. Experience crew development over time, a key feature when you play this MS-DOS game.


In Academy Tau Ceti 2, exploration is limitless. Discover new star systems, encounter random events, and uncover hidden artifacts. Engage in the research system to develop new technologies, enhancing your spaceship’s capabilities. This aspect of the game shines when played online or on DOS.

Research and Upgrades

Advance your technology through dedicated research projects. Invest resources and time to unlock upgrades like enhanced weaponry and improved defenses, crucial for tackling challenges in this DOS game.

Multiplayer Mode Online

Compete or cooperate with other players in the game’s multiplayer mode. Engage in various battles and missions, showcasing your strategic prowess. Leaderboards foster a competitive spirit, whether playing online or on MS-DOS.

After completing the main storyline, delve into challenging endgame missions. Face formidable adversaries requiring advanced tactics to overcome, offering a rewarding experience for players of this DOS game.

Additional Features

Customize your spaceship and engage with the game’s modding community to extend your adventure. Regular updates ensure a balanced and stable gameplay experience, whether you play Academy Tau Ceti 2 online or on DOS.

Classic game online AcademyAcademy in your web-browser online

Academy Tau Ceti 2 offers a rich, immersive space journey. With its engaging gameplay, strategic depth, and captivating narrative, it’s a must-play title on MS-DOS, now accessible online. Visit the game’s website for more information and join a community of space adventurers!

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