Released in 1995 for MS-DOS, SimTower is a classic simulation game that challenges players to design, construct, and manage their own towering skyscraper. With its engaging gameplay and strategic depth, Tower Metropolis has captivated players for decades. Whether you’re a nostalgic gamer or new to the genre, SimTower offers a unique and rewarding experience.

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Play SimTower Online

If you’re eager to dive into the world of Tower Sim, you can play the game online directly through the website where this article is posted. Experience the thrill of building and managing a bustling skyscraper empire right from your browser, no need for emulators or downloads.

Cheat Codes for SimTower

While SimTower encourages players to challenge themselves without relying on cheat codes, there are a few tricks you can use to enhance your experience. Keep in mind that using cheat codes might affect the authenticity of the gameplay, so use them wisely. Some common cheat codes in SimTower include:

  • MONEYBAGS – Grants you a large amount of money to fund your tower’s growth.
  • LIGHTSPEED – Speeds up the game’s time, allowing for faster progression.
  • LITIGATION – Prevents your tenants from filing lawsuits against you.

SimTower – Playthrough Online

Embark on a journey of architectural creativity and strategic planning as you play through Tower Sim online. Design each floor of your skyscraper with care, making decisions about the placement of residential, commercial, and office spaces. Manage elevators, utilities, and amenities to keep your tenants happy and your tower thriving.

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Development of SimTower

SimTower was developed by Yoot Saito and published by Maxis. Drawing inspiration from the success of SimCity, Saito created SimTower to focus on vertical construction and management. The game’s development involved intricate simulation algorithms to simulate the behaviors of tenants, elevators, and utilities within the tower.

Upon its release, High-Rise Creator garnered praise for its innovative gameplay mechanics and addictive nature. The game’s blend of creativity, strategy, and management struck a chord with players, contributing to its enduring popularity and influence on the simulation genre.

SimTower’s legacy lives on through its influence on subsequent simulation games and its continued enjoyment by gamers looking to test their architectural and managerial skills.

Experience the challenges and triumphs of building and managing your skyscraper in Tower Sim. Play the game online, explore its mechanics, and discover the thrill of constructing a vertical empire!

Characters and Abilities

While SimTower primarily focuses on the construction and management aspects of building a skyscraper, there are various characters and tenant types that inhabit your tower, each with their own abilities and needs:

  • Tenants: Your tower will be home to a variety of tenants, including residential, commercial, and office occupants.
  • Employees: Staff members such as janitors, security guards, and maintenance workers help keep your tower running smoothly.
  • Visitors: Tourists and shoppers frequent your commercial floors, contributing to your tower’s income.
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Bonuses and Items

While Tower Metropolis doesn’t feature traditional power-ups or items, players can earn bonuses and rewards by effectively managing their tower:

  • Profitability: Successfully managing your tower’s finances can lead to increased profits and bonuses.
  • Happy Tenants: Meeting your tenants’ needs and preferences can lead to higher rents and greater occupancy rates.
  • Efficiency: Well-designed layouts and efficient elevator systems can result in smoother tower operations.

Recommendations for Playing SimTower

As you embark on your SimTower journey, consider the following recommendations to create a thriving skyscraper:

  • Plan Ahead: Take your time to plan the layout of your tower, considering the needs of various tenant types.
  • Utility Placement: Strategically place utilities like elevators, stairs, and power sources to maximize efficiency.
  • Upgrade Gradually: Start small and gradually expand your tower’s capabilities and floors as you gain more experience and resources.

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Enemies and Bosses

Tower Sim does not feature traditional enemies or bosses, as its gameplay revolves around simulation and management rather than combat. However, players must manage challenges like maintaining tenant happiness, handling emergencies, and optimizing tower operations.

Summary of Strengths and Weaknesses of SimTower


  • Engaging simulation gameplay that appeals to strategy and management enthusiasts.
  • Endless creative possibilities for designing and customizing skyscrapers.
  • Realistic tenant behaviors and needs add depth to the gameplay experience.


  • Learning curve for understanding the intricacies of tower management.
  • Limited graphical capabilities due to the game’s release in the early 1990s.
  • May lack action or combat elements for players seeking more intense gameplay.

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SimTower remains a beloved classic in the simulation genre, offering players the opportunity to fulfill their architectural dreams and test their managerial skills. With its unique gameplay mechanics and enduring appeal, Tower Sim continues to captivate players to this day.

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