3 Point Basketball

3 Point Basketball – A Retro MS-DOS Gaming Adventure

3 Point Basketball is a classic sports game developed for MS-DOS, offering a thrilling basketball experience. It combines arcade-style gameplay with realistic basketball mechanics, making it a must-play game for sports enthusiasts on DOS platforms.

Featuring various game modes, customizable characters, and dynamic gameplay, 3 Point Basketball stands out as a comprehensive basketball game. Players can enjoy it online, embracing the competitive spirit of classic DOS gaming.

To play 3 Point Basketball on MS-DOS, players need a system compatible with DOS standards. The game runs smoothly on most DOS emulators, offering an accessible way to play this classic online.

Game Modes

Arcade Mode provides a fast-paced basketball experience, perfect for quick play sessions. Compete for high scores and hone your shooting skills in this engaging mode, available for play online and on DOS.

Tournament Mode challenges players to compete in a series of matches to win the championship. This mode tests your skills and strategy, offering an intense basketball experience on DOS.

Play against friends or online opponents in Multiplayer Mode. This mode provides an exciting way to compete in head-to-head basketball matches, showcasing your skills on the DOS platform.

3 Point Basketball play online dos3 Point Basketball game offline ms-dos


Keyboard Controls

Keyboard controls are intuitive and easy to master, providing a seamless gaming experience on MS-DOS.

Gamepad Controls

For those who prefer gamepads, 3 Point Basketball supports gamepad controls, enhancing the gameplay experience on DOS.

Mouse Controls

Mouse controls offer precision and ease, especially for shooting mechanics, making 3 Point Basketball enjoyable to play online and on DOS systems.


The game features realistic shooting mechanics that mimic the thrill of real basketball. Mastering these mechanics is key to scoring high points in “3 Point Basketball,” whether you play online or on DOS.

The scoring system in 3 Point Basketball is straightforward yet challenging, encouraging players to sharpen their shooting skills on the DOS platform.

Collect power-ups and earn bonus points to gain an edge in the game. These elements add an extra layer of excitement to playing 3 Point Basketball on MS-DOS.

Game Environments

The Urban Court setting offers a street-style basketball environment, perfect for players who enjoy an edgy, gritty atmosphere while playing on DOS.

Experience the chill vibes of playing basketball on a Beach Court. This setting provides a unique backdrop for playing 3 Point Basketball online or on DOS.

The Rooftop Court offers a unique and thrilling environment for basketball matches, enhancing the gaming experience on MS-DOS platforms.

3 Point Basketball classic gameClassic game online 3 Point Basketball

Character Customization

Player Avatars

Choose and customize your player avatar to reflect your style. This feature adds a personal touch to playing 3 Point Basketball on DOS.

Outfit Selection

Select from a range of outfits to dress your avatar, adding variety and fun to your basketball experience on MS-DOS.

Skill Upgrades

Upgrade your player’s skills to improve performance in matches. Skill upgrades are crucial for competing at higher levels in “3 Point Basketball,” whether you play online or on DOS.

Compete for top spots on local leaderboards, showcasing your basketball prowess in 3 Point Basketball on DOS.

Online leaderboards add a competitive edge, allowing you to compare your scores with players worldwide in 3 Point Basketball on MS-DOS.

Achievements and Rewards

Unlock new characters by achieving specific milestones, adding depth and replayability to the game on DOS.

Earn access to special courts as you progress in “3 Point Basketball,” enhancing your gaming experience on MS-DOS.

Gain exclusive power-ups to boost your performance in crucial matches, a key aspect of playing 3 Point Basketball online and on DOS platforms.

Retro game 3 Point Basketball3 Point Basketball retro game online

Tips and Strategies

Refine your shooting technique to score more points and dominate games in 3 Point Basketball on MS-DOS.

Learn to strategically use power-ups to gain advantages in matches, a key to success when playing online or on DOS.

Analyzing Opponent’s Strategies

Study your opponent’s strategies to anticipate their moves and outplay them in 3 Point Basketball on MS-DOS.

3 Point Basketball offers an engaging and enjoyable basketball experience, perfect for fans of classic sports games on MS-DOS. With its variety of modes, customization options, and dynamic gameplay, it’s a must-play for any sports game enthusiast. Step onto the court and prove your skills in this ultimate basketball challenge on DOS.

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