Alien Olympics

Alien Olympics Retro MS-DOS Gaming Adventure

Experience the thrill of intergalactic competition with Alien Olympics, a unique MS-DOS game. Join a universe of extraterrestrial athletes and compete in a range of extraordinary sporting events. Play online or on DOS and aim for gold in the Alien Olympics!

Game Modes

Single Player Mode

Compete against AI-controlled aliens across various events. Each event has its own rules and objectives. Aim for a high score to top the leaderboard. Alien Olympics offers a captivating single-player experience for DOS enthusiasts.

Multiplayer Mode

Challenge friends in split-screen or alternating turns. Choose your alien athlete and compete in different events. Earn points to become the multiplayer champion, whether playing online or on MS-DOS.

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  • Zero-Gravity Discus Throw: Master the art of discus throw in a zero-gravity environment.
  • Alien Sprint: Control an alien runner and navigate through obstacles to win the race.
  • Laser Archery: Participate in a futuristic archery contest with laser bows.
  • Robotic Weightlifting: Lift heavy objects as a robotic power lifter and score based on weight.
  • Trampoline Bounce: Perform acrobatic stunts on a trampoline for judges’ scores.

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Alien Olympics brings a unique and exciting gaming experience to MS-DOS. Dive into the world of extraterrestrial sports and compete to become the ultimate champion. Play Alien Olympics online or on DOS and enjoy a thrilling intergalactic sporting adventure!

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