Carl Lewis Challenge

The Carl Lewis Challenge: Athletic Excellence Awaits for you MS-DOS

Experience the ultimate athletic competition with The Carl Lewis Challenge, a definitive track and field game developed for MS-DOS. Immerse yourself in the world of professional athletics and test your mettle against the legendary Carl Lewis. With a variety of events to master, are you ready to play, compete, and win in the spirit of true sportsmanship?

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Review of Carl Lewis Challenge online gameplay

  • Sprint: Dash in the 100-meter sprint and aim to cross the finish line before Carl Lewis.
  • Long Jump: Leap into victory by attempting to surpass Carl Lewis’ renowned long jump records.
  • High Jump: Showcase your agility and technique in the high jump, aiming for new heights.
  • Hurdles: Combine speed and precision to overcome hurdles faster than ever.
  • 400-meter Race: Challenge your stamina and speed in a thrilling 400-meter race against Carl Lewis.

Career Mode

Embark on a journey from a novice athlete to a celebrated champion in the career mode. Train diligently, compete in diverse tournaments, and unlock thrilling challenges. Your ultimate goal? A face-to-face competition with Carl Lewis in a climactic showdown. Are you prepared to rise to the occasion?

Training Mode

Perfect your skills in the training mode, where practice and dedication lead to perfection. Each event offers unique challenges, requiring mastery over technique, timing, and speed. Fine-tune your abilities to stand tall among the champions.

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Experience intuitive gameplay with controls designed for optimal performance in every event. Customize your setup to match your playstyle, ensuring every sprint, jump, and hurdle feels natural and responsive.

The Carl Lewis Challenge invites you to the thrilling world of track and field. Compete against a legend, master various athletic events, and play your way to the top. Download and play The Carl Lewis Challenge on MS-DOS today, and let the games begin!

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