International Tennis

International Tennis for MS-DOS

Step onto the virtual court with International Tennis, a classic tennis simulation game developed for MS-DOS. Engage in fast-paced tennis matches, customize your player, and climb the ranks in professional tennis.

Game Modes Online

In International Tennis, players can choose between different modes to play:

  • Single Player Mode: Compete in tournaments, exhibition matches, or embark on a career mode journey.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Challenge your friends to local multiplayer matches and prove who’s the court champion.

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Game Features

Player Customization

Create your avatar with options to customize gender, outfits, and accessories. Make your player unique and ready to compete on the global stage.

Skill Development

Improve your tennis skills through practice and matches. Enhance your speed, accuracy, and power to dominate opponents.

Tournament Mode

Participate in prestigious international tournaments, adhering to professional rules and scoring systems.

Career Mode

Manage your player’s career, from training regimes to sponsorship deals, and compete in tournaments to climb the tennis rankings.

Game Mechanics

Learn the basics of tennis gameplay, including controls for serving, moving, and executing a variety of shots. Experience realistic ball physics that influence the game’s dynamics.

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International Tennis offers an immersive tennis experience on the MS-DOS platform. Customize your player, develop skills, and compete in global tournaments. Ready to play? Grab your racket, step onto the court, and serve your way to victory in International Tennis.

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