Advanced Civilization

Play an Exciting MS-DOS Advanced Civilization Game!

Advanced Civilization, a strategic game developed for MS-DOS, offers an engaging experience in building and managing civilizations. This game stands out with its unique features and gameplay, captivating those who play online or on DOS platforms.

Game Overview

Players embark on a journey to build and expand civilizations, interact with others, and manage resources. The game combines strategic planning with interactive gameplay, perfect for those looking to play a classic strategy game on MS-DOS or online.

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Choose from various civilizations, each with unique bonuses and attributes. Understand their historical context and develop strategies to leverage their strengths while compensating for weaknesses, whether playing online or on DOS.


Progress through a technology tree to advance your civilization. Researching technologies is crucial for growth and success in Advanced Civilization, whether played on MS-DOS or online.

Resources and Trade

Manage a variety of resources crucial for civilization development. Engage in trade with other players to acquire essential materials, a key aspect of gameplay on both DOS and online platforms.

Diplomacy and Warfare

Navigate the delicate balance between diplomacy and warfare. Build alliances, negotiate, and engage in battles to secure your civilization’s dominance in Advanced Civilization, whether you play online or on DOS.

Events and Challenges

Encounter random events and challenges that test your leadership and adaptability. These elements add depth and unpredictability to the game, enhancing the experience for players on MS-DOS and online.

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Victory Conditions

Achieve victory through various means, including military conquest, cultural development, or economic dominance. Each path offers unique challenges and strategies, appealing to players who enjoy strategy games on DOS or online.

Advanced Civilization offers a rich blend of strategy, historical context, and immersive gameplay. Its features make it a must-play for fans of classic strategy games on MS-DOS. Immerse yourself in this strategic world by playing Advanced Civilization online or on DOS.

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