Annals of Rome

Play Annals of Rome on MS-DOS

Experience the grandeur of Ancient Rome in Annals of Rome, a classic strategy game for MS-DOS. Set in the historical backdrop of Rome, the game challenges players with intricate gameplay mechanics. Available to play online, this DOS game combines historical accuracy with strategic depth.

Character Creation Online

Choose your character’s gender, name, and faction. Customize their appearance and attributes to suit your playstyle, whether playing on DOS or online.

Learn the basics of Annals of Rome with an engaging tutorial. Understand the controls, interface, and initial quests to set your journey in motion on MS-DOS.

Annals of Rome retro gameAnnals of Rome Revamped play in browser

Main Questline

Embark on the main questline, meeting key characters and uncovering Rome’s mysteries. Confront the main antagonist and strive to restore order in a game that captivates DOS and online players alike.

Side Quests

Explore a variety of side quests in the bustling streets of Rome. Help citizens, investigate mysteries, and support factions, enriching your MS-DOS gaming experience.


Master the combat mechanics of Annals of Rome. Choose from different weapons and skills to engage in strategic battles, crucial for survival in this DOS game.


Explore the vast regions of Rome, uncover hidden treasures, and interact with the environment. Discover the game’s secrets, playable on MS-DOS and online.

Progression and Character Development

Earn experience points, level up, and unlock new abilities. Acquire superior equipment and weapons to enhance your gameplay on DOS and online.

Annals of Rome Overlord play online ms-dosAnnals of Rome retro game online

Immerse yourself in the strategic depth and historical richness of Annals of Rome. Available to play online, this MS-DOS game offers a timeless adventure. Share your experiences and stay tuned for future updates.

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