Bannercatch: The Ultimate MS-DOS Challenge

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Bannercatch, the classic MS-DOS game that tests your reflexes and strategic skills. Dive into the action and catch those falling banners to score big!

Bannercatch online gameplay review

Use the arrow keys to navigate your character across the screen. Your goal is to catch every banner that descends from the top, while avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups to boost your performance. Ready to play Bannercatch online or on your DOS system?

Bannercatch game offline ms-dosBannercatch play online dos

  • Classic Mode: Race against the clock to catch as many banners as you can.
  • Endless Mode: No time limits here, just continuous fun and banner catching.
  • Challenge Mode: Tackle unique levels with special objectives to test your skills.


  • Speed Boost: Dash across the screen with increased speed.
  • Shield: Become invincible for a short period.
  • Score Multiplier: Double your points for every banner caught.

Obstacles and Hazards

Watch out for spikes, navigate moving platforms with care, and steer clear of bombs. Mastering the art of evasion is key to becoming a Bannercatch champion.

Compete for the highest score in Bannercatch and climb the leaderboards. Unlock special achievements by completing challenging milestones.

Bannercatch retro game onlineBannercatch in your web-browser online

Whether you’re a seasoned MS-DOS gamer or new to the platform, Bannercatch offers endless entertainment and challenge. Dive into the game and see how high you can score!

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